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Originally the Rosebud & District Phonecard Collectors Club, the first Phonecard Club in Victoria.  Est 1991.

The Club conducts a Stamp, Coin and Cards Fair,

at the Bentleigh - McKinnon Youth Centre,

Higgins Road, Bentleigh.

Melway 77 F 2.


The Fairs are open from 8-30 am to 1-00 pm,

on the third Sunday Each Month and Admission is free.

For Fair Dates Click Here

At this fair there is - Stamps, Coins, MetCards, Trading Cards, Cigarette Cards, and other Collectables.


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This Newsletter is sent by mail to members that do not have an email address. Members that have an email address will receive their copy in an email message, to save postage costs.


Membership in the Club is $10-00 AUD per year, due 1st July each year. Juniors free, who attend school and club meetings, otherwise juniors who don't attend meetings have to be financial.

If you wish to join the Club you can down load the Membership Form Click Here (pdf) then send it to the Club Secretary with payment, either by Bank Deposit via Mail (Snail Mail). For Bank Deposit you will have to contact the Club for Bank Account particulars. To contact Club Click Here


There are many of the benefits of being a Member, look at our Price List, link is below.

 To View all Items that the Club has For Sale at present Click Here

For payment of your order by Bank Deposit Contact the Club via email Click Here but please send us a list of what you wish to purchase, or you can send us a letter by Mail with your payment by Cheque or Money Order.

Sorry the Club does not operate Credit Card or PayPal.


Also the Club has produced several loose leaf catalogues.

A Telecom -Telstra Magnetic Phonecard Catalogue, but with no pictures of cards.

This can be to be viewed at Click Here


Also the Club is currently producing a Telstra Smart Card (Chip) Phonecard Catalogue, with pictures.

To view the info pages of this catalogue, but NO pictures Click Here


Another catalogue the Club is producing is a Telstra Phoneaway Phonecard Catalogue, with pictures.

To view the info pages of this catalogue, but NO pictures Click Here .


The Telstra Smart Card and the Telstra Phoneaway Catalogues are updated 2 times per year and all financial members receive one set of each Catalogue update if required, whenever these updates are released.




If you wish to contact the club via email -

Click Here

INTERNATIONAL FAX No + 61 3 5986 6943.

Postal Address of the Club is -

Victorian Telephone & Smart Card Collectors Club Inc.

P.O. Box 14,

Mc Crae,


Australia, 3938.



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